Unique Posing Ideas


If you ever run out of ideas or need some guidance while shooting subjects, you can take a look at the following posing ideas which might be useful to you. Many amateur photographers use such tricks when preparing for and during the photo shoot.

wedding photo

photograph by https://dylanmhowell.com

While shooting a group photo it is not possible for you to control the facial expressions of each and every individual. In such cases just make sure that everybody’s face is clearly visible and consider the whole group as to be one single unit. You can do a little experiment by taking the shots from different angles and positions. Remember to choose a higher platform than an eye level or a lower one.

If it is a formal photoshoot, it will be more appropriate for the members to stand separately than ‘keeping their heads together’. This may not be a friendly way but might work very well for a small team shot. Do not forget to put the group leader in front for a stronger composition.

For a friendly photo shoot you can try a casual way of posing by keeping your hands on your friends’ shoulders and telling them to do the same. Make sure that you ask everyone to stand very close together and make their heads lean to one another and towards the camera.

While shooting outdoors, ask your group to lie on the grass in a perfect circle and you can shoot from above.

Here goes a rather fun and rewarding way to click the photo of a small group of people. Place the ‘group leader’ in the front and tell the others to join one by one. Every individual is supposed to stand behind the person before him peeking towards the camera over the shoulder.

To click a rather fun and informal picture of your friends is to make them stand together holding each other’s hands and to add a better taste to it, ask the group to make a jump after a short run. Make sure that everybody is clearly visible.

A unique composition is to shoot group of people in a row. Focus on the first person and the people farther away will be blurred, but they will still agree that the result is very interesting and an unusual one.

Now let us consider some family samples. The most common way to photograph the family members is to make them sit on the couch in the drawing room; this is a creative way for a family shot but can be done with extra finesse.

Another way to shoot family photographs is to make them sit outside. The natural light does very well to capture the warmth and harmony of the family. Just make sure that you shoot the photos from the subject’s level of view. 

To add more textures and layers to the photo, make your subjects stand in different lines but do not make it too rigid. You would want a fun flow in the whole scene.

What are the best cameras that came out in 2016?

What are the best cameras that came out in 2016?

Long gone are the days when people thought that photography was snapping a quick photo with your 2-megapixel cellphone camera. Photography has started to garner respect as an art and skill, and nowadays there are huge leaps forward in the knowledge of photography. Even though the fact of the matter is that a top-level quality camera may amount to nothing if you don’t have the skill to handle it like a pro, amateurs and professionals alike know that the camera is a really important part of the equation that gives wonderful, breathtaking photos as a result. In fact, it’s at least as important as the skill of the photographer. The two are interrelated, and you will make top level, beautiful photos only if you have the skill to do so, and a high-quality camera steady in your hands.

So, this article will share with you information on some of the best camera models that came out in the market in the year 2016. These models are all the products of the latest inventions and technological advancements in the field of cameras, so they may be leaning more towards the expensive side, but what you’ll pay in money as an investment, you’ll get back in the form of top-notch quality.

Onwards to the list

  1. Nikon D500.

nikon d500 photo

Nikon has been on the camera market for a long time now, and is a staple in the diet of many photographers around the world. What makes this particular camera worthy of the description “one of the best cameras of 2016”? One of the most important Nikon camera models, D5 DSLR, was modified and stripped of the unnecessary, and thus Nikon D500 was born. It’s held by a comparatively smaller, but really durable body made of metal. The full-frame sensor of D5 DSLR is replaced with a 20.9MP APS-C sized chip. For those of you that don’t know the technical tidbits of cameras, this means that the D500 hasn’t really got the resolving power that D7200 has, though it means that you can now shoot at rapid 10 frames per second. You also have what’s known as the best autofocus system in the form of the 153-point AF arrangement. This is an all-around top level camera, and it excels specifically in cases of fast paced action, perhaps in sports or wildlife photography.

  1. Panasonic Lumix LX100

lx100 photo

Panasonic Lumix LX100 is a top-level camera as well, and one of the best models of 2016. The multi-aspect sensor can deliver up to twelve million pixels. This makes the camera somewhat big and a little more impractical for carrying, but the quality of the camera more than enough makes up for this. This camera has a Micro Four Thirds sensor, as well as a 4x zoom lens with it, and the maximum aperture is f/1.7-2.8. The controls for the lens aperture and the shutter speed are external. This is a classic camera with all the advantages that modern digital imaging offers.

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T6i / 750D

canon 750d

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D is an entry on this list that offers both power and performance. This is perhaps the best camera on this list, and we’ll say why promptly. It has a 24.2MP sensor which is capable of delivering very high image quality. It’s autofocus has been drastically improved as compared with other models from Canon, and the same has been done with the exposure metering systems. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi option, with NFC pairing. The touch screen is something that you may enjoy looking forward to, because all of the options that this camera has to offer to you will be available within a touch of your fingers.

  1. Sony Alpha A7R II

The final entry on this list is the Sony Alpha A7R II camera model. Once upon a time the saying went that if you wanted a top-notch camera for professional photography, you had to go to Nikon or Canon. Sony put a mark on the market by the introduction of the A7 camera series, of which the A7R II is the model that has the highest resolution. It has an incredible 42.4-megapixel sensor, and even though you may think that this camera is really big and hard to carry and handle, it’s still at a relatively low size and weight. The high-resolution electronic viewfinder, as well as the 5-axis image stabilization which are built into this camera model, makes this camera a top pick if you need to capture video.

This concludes our short list on what we think are some of the best cameras on the market in the year 2016. Competition is really stiff in this field, so the selection of only four models for this list was hard, as there are many other high quality cameras that deserved to be on this list. Still, you won’t regret it if you equip yourself with one of these cameras – this much we can guarantee.